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5 min readJul 26, 2022

To my first 100 followers and fellow writers

Photo by Author Zachari George, LCSW

I’d write you all personal notes on quaint stationery if I could. One of the things I’ve enjoyed about Medium most is the feeling of acceptance and mutual regard I get from writing and reading here. Upon diving into the platform, I got to laugh, shake my fist, and be inspired by so many of you.

I wish we could all get together at a giant convention, and I could float around meeting everyone. I imagine there would be hundreds of conversations, drinks being purchased, notes scribbled on pads, and unforgettable dinners. We’d spend time in the pool and watch the skyline from a rooftop patio under the moon. It’s my romantic version of our community.

Though it took me a while to get this thank you letter out with the hectic schedule I’ve had lately, please let me extend my heartfelt gratitude to those of you who’ve helped propel me to the partner program.

Initially, I never estimated that anyone would be interested in my writing. It has been years since I regularly wrote for anything other than school or work. In my earlier years, I was praised for my creative writing, mainly poetry. In school, I received high marks and was usually reviewing first drafts with my professors early before a deadline to ensure I was on the right path.

Rules have always been complex for me where grammar is concerned, though my vocabulary, imagery, impact, and clarity were always praised. I was a bit apprehensive about writing again, this time publicly. The main reason I began writing in this forum was to support my Youtube channel, Practically Social. On my channel, I can’t always lend my personality or deeper material to my viewer. I wanted to have more of a personal connection to my audience.

When another YouTuber suggested Medium, I saw it as a great marketing idea. However, I never imagined I’d build a spacecraft that would take me on the journey that writing and creating have become.

Writing has again become an obsession I had in my youth. I don’t write poetry much anymore (or deliver it to women who were muses or lovers), though it does still come out occasionally.

My pieces have focused more on autobiographical stories, the information I’ve been interested in, or the work I’m doing in my field…



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