Cancel the Princess

A regal fantasy that falls on its face in an equitable society

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Did you know anyone who wanted to be a princess when they grew up? How about anyone who says they’re a princess in general? It’s pretty common in America to hear people talking about princesses.

Disney’s pretty good at exhibiting examples of the princess fantasy, without the dark side of course.

My country is filled with all kinds of contradictions and hypocrisy. It’s an interesting “empire” that many in the past purported as a model for the rest of the world. Princess role-play and products are everywhere here.

This is sad, because Americans seceded from monarchy. Yet centuries later, their hearts and minds are still dominated by many iterations of it.

Many of our leaders, companies, creators, and citizens narcissistically emulate royal lifestyles and values. They grab power, preserve oppression and prevent progress. They have their own kingdoms.

They probably love that young women wish they could grow up to be a princess. The lack of facts surrounding the façade helps preserve the status quo and gives a false sense of hope.

If women keep looking at shiny things, at least they’ll be distracted. Even though they’d be relegated to choice-less breeding, power by association may be better than no power at all, right?

Appallingly divided despite our history, income disparities, and desire for freedom and expression, we are an empire ruled by few, and in our empire, people are still raising young girls to be “princesses”, with these misguided prizes dangled so benignly.

A princess is the vision of equality and women’s liberation, right?


Yet the princess fantasy is still one of our best-selling distractions. It’s perpetuated by many Americans, even though it’s one of the most mis-told stories in our modern age.

Well, that pisses me off. The preposterous princess fantasy needs relocation to the chamber pot. However, before I tell you why, join me on the stage to share a few interpretations of it first, ok?

First, we’ll present the traditional fantasy, and then we’ll update it a bit in with a second, more modern version.

In so telling the forthcoming, I took some creative liberty. The ghost of Bill Whakesheare and I get along…



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