I introduced my kid to the “TechnoViking” for music appreciation

and the result was surprising

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Today was ripe for my history book for being a Dad and a son. Better than any Father’s Day, I’ll argue. Why? Because today was the day that I introduced my son (who is six) to the Techno Viking. He comes from a line of techno lovers.

I admit I had an ulterior motive. I am quite goofy and known to resurrect ancient videos and memes to entertain myself and others who are familiar with them occasionally. I’m that guy. Fortunately for me, so are my friends. Some have made noteworthy memes, and some should quit their day jobs and become stand-ups. Seriously.

We’re all usually having more fun than anyone else in the room.

Yet how did such goofiness make me even more proud today?

I had my son this weekend, who started at grandma’s house today. I had been out riding with my friends the night before, so he had the fortune of his much sought-after sleepovers with her. They’re great friends, very close.

My Mom was a hippie a long time ago. She became very creative, crafty, and great with children. I turned out a little raw here and there, though she often complains, she says I’m a good son. My son craves spending time with her, as he should. My mother has always had wide and great taste in music.

You can’t get her to listen to straight techno or progressive house, though she will jam out to AfroCelt Soundsystem and Lindsey Sterling. Some of you are rolling your eyes right now. Keep in mind my mother introduced me to Pink Floyd (she taught me how to keep time by holding my hand and tapping my leg to “Money”), Peter Gabriel, the Pet Shop Boys, bluegrass, classical, jazz, and a lot of 80s synthpop. Not bad for a woman in her 70s. Did I mention she plays World of Warcraft every week?

Grandma, my son, and I all went to breakfast together, and then he and I broke off to shop for his school clothes. He wanted to hear some Ghost (one of his favorite bands), though I had King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard’s “Butterfly 3000” on CD playing in the car, so he began humming along while I sang “Interior People” and “Black Hot Soup.” He was still humming it in the clothing store. Amazing.

It wasn’t long before he chanted the lyrics to another tune, “Tataki,” by Argy. Lately, I’ve been exposing him to more electronic music to see if he’ll pick up my obsession…



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